Me and my dogs


I am Anne middle-aged groomer and horse massager whose children have left the nest. At the moment I live in a peaceful coutryside of Tampere, Teisko, Finland.

All my childhood I've spent with dogs, shows and other dog hobbies, cause I was lucky to born in the dog family.

Dogs have always been my passion and love.Within years many breeds have become familiar and very dear to me.




 Me and FI MVA B G's I Am Happy         B G's Who's That Girl " Coco"                      B G's Hot Gossip

                                                               Multi BOB,BOS and BIS winner

My dog breeding startted 1990 with Briards, which I bred two litters. Other breeds which I have owned or bred during over 20 years time are German Shepherd, Chinese Crested Dog,Pug, Mastino Napoletano, Mastiff, Shar Pei, Chihuahua, Miniature Pinscher and West Highland White Terrier. There has been periods in my life with my kids and my healthy when I havn't been showing my dogs so much. Nowadays I'm enjoying and I have more time  to show my dogs .                       


                                                       Emmi, Coco and Ere Christmas 1992


     aaaruben.jpg         lempi_a1.jpg





DK, NORD, NU, SU CH, NORDW-02, KBHW-02,        Mastino Napoletano  B G's Femme FataleNW-03 B G's Storm In Eugenios


My Dogs

My dogs are everyday life and members of our family to us. Some of our dogs live at the co-owners and I co-breed and own together some Chinese Crested with Kennel Viuvaun (Viuvaun M- and R-litters and B G*s J-litter )


                                       Pups Shar Pei Kukka, Napoli Lempi ja Harjakoira Pommi


My breeders are used to normal family life and I spend a lot of time nellitjawellit_071.jpgwith the pups. So normally pups are bold and adventure loving when they arrive to their new homes. Pups are fed and dewormed properly as well as microchipped and registered. Puppy buyer gets inclusive guidebook, puppyfood and something familiar with their new pup. I hope new owners keep very good care of the pups untill the old age, cause we have been takeing care of them with love.<3 3="" p="">





Thank You

 All my breeds are Great Loves and for a long time consideration as my litters too. Every litter is bred for my own breeding work. Many Thanks to everyone for help and support, most of all to breeders of our lovely dogs and to the wonderful owners of my bred dogs & home band.. Much has been learnt and still so much to be learn


Some of my breeding philosophy

Goals in my breeding are good temperament, healthy and sound dogs as near from the breed standard as possible. In toybreeds I pay attention to right size and generally in dogs influence of exaggerations in appearance to health. In a hairless breeds I highly regard true hairless. Which I strive to maintain in my breedings.urpo_kylss15.jpg

Succes in the shows isn't the first priority in my breedings. My opinion is that not every show dog is a breeding dog and not every breeding dog is a show dog.Dogshows are great hobby and I try to show those dogs as much as I can whom like the show atmosphere. It is nice to see other dog people and other breeders work at shows. Of course I hope my breeders will go to some shows, even though loving and nurturing home is the most important.


I hope you enjoy browsing through our homepage. If you have any questions about our dogs, don't hesitate to ask. I will gladly tell you more.



Anne Rosendahl